Reality TV and Game Show Contestants and Models

As you can see, the founder, Anthony has been on a lot of shows as an agent, manager, consultant, producer and performer; including talent placed on
​group, game, talk, entertainment, court, singing, dancing, dating and all types of "unscripted" or reality shows; and for over 20-years his group has placed talent and models on TV shows, magazines, radio, Internet, promo, sports, and in live stage/performance work.  We work with almost every reality TV
​show and production company in the US, and many internationally.

We also have host/spokesperson opportunities; as you see from some of the credentials from our work with all the major sports leagues and the UFC.

In addition, 
we also have a promotional modeling and brand ambassador division; or you may start your career as an extra or background player.​​

​​As for modeling; obviously, the men's magazines are only for the women, but males or females can do both the TV shows and tabloid mags; and many magazines including
Maxim, US Weekly, In Touch, Star and People. 

We also put performers in Vegas or hometown shows/music gigs; in addition to our public relations and marketing work; in addition to photography, production, writing, development, website construction and a full range of services.  In fact, the RTC team is here to meet or speak with you personally and sign you to a deal!  At present, we are doing interviews nationwide; but live, in-person, interviews/signings at offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York,
​and Miami; or castings in other select cities.  Either way, you will meet, interview, or speak with a coordinator and/or Anthony as he signs-off on everyone.

If you are interested, we require a one-time retainer [please see agreement, below].  Keep in mind; we may reduce the retainer, by invitation only, and you'll
​be given a receipt for your records. 

​​Honestly, the difficult part for us is
not getting you opportunities, but you following through.  In fact, in our experience, you will succeed more if you are personally invested in your own career. In addition, if you don't show-up for your taping, meeting, shoot, or audition; it looks badly on us not you. Plus, there may be administration costs we incur if we send you to an out-of-state locale/gig/audition not covered by the producers, show or company.  We also donate
​a portion of the retainer to charity which only makes you look better versus other talent and to those hiring/casting you and ultimately paying you! And perhaps the best news of all:  We are a 501 (c) (3) Non-profit Corporation so your retainer is fully tax-deductible [you will get our TAX ID# and receipt upon signing]. 

As we have others likely answering our casting ads in the media, YOU must REPLY HERE to confirm: A. YOU DOWNLOADED THE AGREEMENT AND ENROLLMENT FORM.  B. YOU CAN MAKE THE MEETING OR PHONE INTERVIEW AND  C. AFFORD THE RETAINER [which you will make back upon your first paid gig] plus, we don't take a % on gigs under $1,000; and only an industry-low 10% on gigs over $1,000; even up to $10 million!

​​If you are seriously interested, please write us so we can interview you and get you working and/or winning. 
Keep in mind, our average gig pays $20,000!
Please send any resume or headshot you may have [but they are not necessary].  If you choose Option #4, we include a FREE high-end, customized photo shoot [typically costing ​$1,000-$1,500, depending on location of city], with one of our professional photographers [​and you keep the negatives]!

​​In closing, we would love to see you in show business and on your way to becoming rich and famous!  Please, now read our important updates.

UPDATES: We may lower or waive the retainer/donation for select TALENT [drop-down deals #2-#3] or BUSINESSES [drop-down deal #6].  Keep in mind: we are ​very selective with the talent and businesses we sign.  Each agreement is for 1-year and is non-exclusive [you may also sign with other agencies].  
     Please read closely if you want to JOIN our team!
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